Press release: Adeno-associated virus now easily available for research and preclinical studies

Munich, Bielefeld, Heidelberg (Germany), SIRION Biotech and PlasmidFactory agreed to actively promote adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors for advanced preclinical research. Dr. Oliver Mueller, University of Heidelberg, will serve as scientific advisor. AAV vectors have been identified as most promising gene delivery candidates for curative therapy of gene defects that need long-term treatment. It is estimated that over 4000 human diseases are caused by single gene defects. Besides acting as highly versatile gene delivery agents they also serve for functional genomic studies. To date 44 clinical trials are being conducted with AAV for diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer or Stage IV Gastric cancer. The first AAV vector-based gene therapy for lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD) has been approved in Europe for Human Use just a few weeks ago.

Generating AAV, especially for use in preclinical and clinical applications requires a mix of skills: plasmid DNA in reproducible and certified quality both in research and clinical grades, solid experience in generating AAV vectors for preclinical use and the ability to generate entire cell models according to desired specifications. This agreement between PlasmidFactory and SIRION Biotech allows for commercial supplies of highly innovative AAV vectors for preclinical research and up to clinical phase III studies. Within just 8 weeks SIRION Biotech is able to supply research quantities for in vivo studies in small animals. Working with AAV vectors for many more clinical trials is now made a realistic option for researchers worldwide.

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