Publications in "Gene Therapy Of Cancer – Methods and Protocols"

Minicircles for CAR T Cell Production by Sleeping Beauty Transposition: A Technological Overview
Minicircle DNA for a CAR transgene in the form of a Sleeping Beauty transposon, and minicircle for SB transposase gene, both produced by PlasmidFactory prove successful in efficiently generating CAR T cells against B-cell malignancies.
Authors: Sabrina Prommersberger, Razieh Monjezi, Ram Shankar, Marco Schmeer, Michael Hudecek, Zoltán Ivics et al.
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Capillary Gel Electrophoresis (CGE) for Quality Control of Plasmid DNA in Gene Therapy: Quality Control of 20 Years Stored GMP-Grade Plasmid DNA
Capillary Gel Electrophoresis proves to be a powerful analytical QC tool for measuring the stability of plasmid DNA under long-term storage.
Authors: Marco Schmeer, Martin Schleef, Ram Shankar, Dennis Kobelt, Wolfgang Walther
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