Ordering process


  • You have decided to save time and to reduce routine work: You engage PlasmidFactory to produce your plasmids.
  • Final details such as order quantity / quality level of plasmid DNA, desired buffer system, desired concentration, etc. are clarified with you.


  • You send a 20 µg DNA sample in a padded envelope to PlasmidFactory.

Reception QC

  • PlasmidFactory blinds your order by assigning a “PF-number” und creates a new database entry, in which all other steps are documented.
  • PlasmidFactory performs the routine reception Quality Control (QC) and then prepares a glycerol stock.


  • On the basis of the glycerol stock the fermentation will be initiated. PlasmidFactory makes use of several specific E. coli production strains.

Plasmid purification

  • PlasmidFactory uses optimized and multi-stage chromatographic methods for plasmid purification.
  • The consistently high quality and reproducibility of the DNA and thus your research results is guaranteed.
  • According to your individual order, further purification steps will be performed to ensure a plasmid purity at the highest level.

Product QC

  • PlasmidFactory prepares a detailed QC Report, that you will receive after the production.
  • Up to seven different quality control tests are performed by default and are already included in the price. Further QC tests, e.g. sequencing, can be arranged individually.


  • You will receive the plasmid on dry ice in desired concentration and guaranteed amount.


  • For each re-order, PlasmidFactory guarantees the same product specifications as in the initial order.
  • So you make sure the reproducibility of your experiments.