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Reporter Gene Minicircle

PlasmidFactory offers reporter gene minicircles (luc, lacZ, GFP) as McBox®.

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PlasmidFactory has brought the first minicircle DNA product to market:

The McBox® contains 100 µg each of certified minicircle and plasmid DNA which both include the reporter gene.
Currently the McBox® is availabe with the luciferase gene (luc) as well as the green fluorescent protein (GFP) and the ß-galactosidase gene (lacZ).

With this new McBox® scientists get the opportunity to directly compare minicircle DNA and the corresponding “classical” plasmid in the individual applications in their own labs.

Customized Minicircle

According to prior agreement we produce your individual minicircle, using our unique, patented technology.

Your plasmid containing the “Gene of Interest” (GOI) serves as starting material. Either by cut and paste or amplification by PCR, this will be inserted in to the so called parental plasmid. Intramolecular recombination of this parental plasmid leads to the minicircle DNA molecule containing almost only the GOI.
The minicircle DNA based on our proprietary minicircle technology is worldwide patented and exclusively available only from PlasmidFactory.

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An alternative concept for the production of minimal DNA vectors, which contain only the information necessary for the intended effect, is e.g. MIDGE® (minimal immunologically defined gene expression) DNA. The MIDGE structure is linear and tightly closed by single-stranded hairpin regions at both ends. This leads to the characteristic small size of these molecules, which – like the minicircles – have already been used in preclinical research as well as in clinical studies.

However, such linear molecules do not have the superhelicity characteristic of intact plasmids and PlasmidFactory's minicircles, so that minicircle DNA is, in our view, the preferred system when choosing a suitable DNA vector.
PlasmidFactory holds the worldwide trademark rights for the MIDGE technology.

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