Large Scale Information

Starting material for mRNA vaccines in large quantities

In particular, the High Quality Grade production of plasmid DNA as a starting material for the production of RNA vaccines has gained in importance, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as RNA is considered a promising vaccine for the prevention of certain virus infections and with the additional advantage of not integrating into the genome of the cell.

Keeping polyAs intact
We make use of PlasmidFactory‘s proprietary POLYARESCUE® technology to amplify plasmid DNA containing long polyA stretches
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PlasmidFactory has developed and established the process for the large-scale production of the corresponding plasmid DNA.

Minicircle – a safe and highly efficient vector system

Minicircles (MC) are circular DNA molecules that are generated by an intramolecular (cis-) recombination from a parental plasmid (PP). The difference between MC and standard plasmid vectors for gene therapy or nucleic acid vaccination is that the MC contains neither the bacterial origin of replication (needed only in bacteria for the amplification of plasmids in cell division) nor the antibiotic resistance markers or other selection systems.
Hence, minicircles are the most promising tools to achieve both, increased efficacy as well as regulatory requirements for future clinical applications.

PlasmidFactory is the exclusive owner of relevant patents and IP in this field and provides service production of these supercoiled monomeric constructs, according to clients’ requirements.

In Stock service

Besides individual productions plasmids and minicircles are provided from PlasmidFactory´s In Stock Service: AAV plasmids (e.g. Helper & Packaging plasmids of the pDG/pDPfamily, several serotypes and GFP vector plasmids), reporter genes (gfp, lacZ, luc), and pEPIplasmids (containing S/MAR elements).

PlasmidFactory´s In Stock products that are deliverable immediately “off-the-shelf”.